Saturday, October 23, 2010

Trevor and I just started getting into tennis. I had never played before, but a week ago our friends invited us to go play. Now we have our own tennis rackets, and we played Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I'm sad it's getting too cold to play. Trevor's parents came up this weekend because it was ISU's last home game. We went down to Pocatello on Thursday to watch the game, and hang out with his parents. We also went down on Friday, and spent the whole day with his parents and Chelsea. It was really nice to see Trevor's parents. We are so grateful, and lucky to have such wonderful parents.

Oh yeah. This week we also got gym memberships at World's Gym. Trevor is super excited, and has gone pretty much everyday. Me on the other hand, I need some more motivation. I tend to be more busier with school than Trevor, so it's harder for me to get there, and still have time to study.

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